Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Victims like these don't deserve our sympathies

The bodies of eight men were found stuffed inside vehicles on April 8, 2006, on a farmer's field in southwestern Ontario. The police ---and everyone else in the media--- are calling it as one of Canada's worst mass murders.

On April 10, the police arrested five individuals who have been charged with first-degree murder. Police are referring to this incident as an 'internal cleansing' of a biker gang.

The victims were part of the outlawed Bandidos biker gang.


Until Monday the police did not say anything about the whole tragedy. People were aghast that such a tragedy like this could occur in Canada, CANADA! People were scared and felt sorry for whoever those dead people were... that is until they found out the victims were bikers.
Should people have sympathy for victims who were part of a biker gang? A very good question that George Stroumboulopoulos asked on The Hour.
The viewers who answered the questions either said, "Good riddance! The less people like those roaming around on our streets, the better." or, "Human beings are just that. Everyone should care when someone dies."


Are these gangs any different from the gangs black youths join? When black youths shoot each other in troubled neighbourhoods, how do you react? Are these bikers any different from black youths who shoot each other? Why do we treat these bikers differently from black gang members? Are the bikers less human? Is it because they are white?

It certainly seems that the questions I have will never stop, but issues like these rarely have answers that everyone can agree on. They just have more questions.

The most important question, however, is whether you have any sympathies for these victims. Should one regard this mass killing as a tragedy or not? After all, they are only bikers...

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