Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 - We will never forget...

And that's the sad reality on the 5th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

We will never forget. And if you try to forget then something will always remind you. Either the TV, in class, in books, on movies, in newspapers, everything!

Already people are getting fed up with all this September 11th stuff and the War on Terrorism. Actually, people got tired of it three years ago! Yet, we still have to keep the tradition going.

Even in Canada...

Would the Americans have done the same if this had happened in Canada? I doubt it. *Sigh* The American government doesn't even care about the Canadian government. They only got interested when we sent soldiers to Afghanistan...

Another thing that annoys me about 9/11 tributes is the fact that the Americans never show the ethnic Americans who died. I've never seen a Chinese victim on any of the American channels being remembered! And they would never, ever, never show muslim victims either. If they do or did (in case I missed it) it was/will probably a/be a very short segment that you'll forget like yesterday's sunrise...

Rezwan at 3rd World View remembers some of the victims of 9/11 and unlike all the tributes I've seen on TV, so far, this post shows Americans who are not your usual FOX News kind.
Check out Lest We Forget after this though.

Please take a moment of silence to remember all the victims of 9/11 and the heroes that were born on that day. The heroes who risked their lives for the sake of others.

Now take a moment to think about all the people that died in Afghanistan and Iraq because of 9/11. Remember the heroes and victims who died because of Bush.

Now take a moment to think about all the people who are going to die... either of war, famine, or injustice. Think about all those people. That's a lot of people. A lot of people.

What happened to World Trade Center (WTC) Scrap?


  1. Till now am afraid about that 9/11 happening.

  2. I am still think "9/11" who are responsible for this they are not a Muslim.

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